Tired of sifting through the job boards? Time is a valuable asset.

Download the Cherrypicker App and get targeted job opportunities and top companies to apply to you instead!
Cherrypicker Mobile App for Passive Job Seekers
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Cherrypicker™ is not a job search app, it's a career concierge app. A simple but powerful one. With it's streamlined process and easy to use platform, Cherrypicker™ is designed to do what the job boards can't.
How it works
Download Cherrypicker™mobile app
Passive job seekers can download the Cherrypicker™ application in the Google Play store or the App Store
Professionally vetted one-time profile setup
A Talent Executive industry expert in your field will help you create a comprehensive profile that best represents you and your search criteria over a quick call.
Targeted opportunities sent directly to your mobile device
Our matching algorithm will automatically send new jobs directly to your mobile device based on your preferences and skill set.
Indicate interest
When you find the right role, hit the interested button to notify your talent executive that you would like to meet with the company
Get connected to top employers
If the employer is interested in meeting with you, your talent executive will coordinate the interview and send you interview prep materials to help you land the job!
Our advantages
Everyday we work hard to ensure a smooth job searching process
Our #1 priority is to deliver a discreet job search. We are CONFIDENT that this process will remain CONFIDENTIAL!
Chat Support
Chat with a Talent Executive directly as they guide you through your next job opportunity
Market Guidance
We can help maximize your worth in today's marketplace and set realistic expectations.
Career Growth
Maximize your compensation packages based on market conditions
Targeted Search
We tailor your job search based on your criteria and send you targeted opportunities directly to your mobile device.
Direct Connection To Employers
Companies will directly request interviews with you confidentially
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